Thursday, March 06, 2008

Music I slept on in 2007

So as typically happens, I discover a number of releases that I slept on after the year is done.

First up are 3 EPs in the Sad Clown series Atmosphere put out throughout the year. Before getting around to checking them out myself I saw some back and forth out there about the style being different from the usual Atmosphere stuff. I suppose that’s true to an extent in that they tend to sound a little more party jam style, but once you get into them they’re classic Atmosphere. And even if they are a little change up, you want to listen to the same album again and again?

The Rooster from Bad Fall has to be one of my of my fav Atmosphere songs with its melancholy sixties-ish groove and lyrics that weave an intricate story that could just as easily be a short story in some literary journal.

And let’s not forget the Atmosphere’s Christmas present of the Strictly Leakage free MP3 LP.

Next is the Very Best of Ethiopiques 2-CD set available as an import. I have been wanting to get into this series but it is a little intimidating to know where to start so this is a perfect jumping off point. A little expensive as it is import only right now, but I got mine used on Amazon, so it wasn't too bad.

I am sure that I will disover even more that I missed as the year goes on but that is part of the fun.

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