Tuesday, November 21, 2006

everything's retro

You know I figured that I had a little more time to go before my life became retro. I mean shouldn't things be at least like twenty years old before they come back?

Is there a reason that we feel the need to recycle ideas so quickly and is it really a bad idea? You have to figure that there are only so many music notes that can be played so eventually we are going to run out of ideas.

The only reason I bring this up is that it's been on my mind since I picked up the debut from Working For A Nuclear Free City. I may be lucky as I didn't really hear much of the hype until I picked up their album and did a little research, though I will say I was turned onto them by the Pitchfork infinite mixtape.

My initial research had lots of references to the Madchester days of the early techno scene in England. Just do a search and references to classics such as Screamadelica and Pills, Thrills, and Bellyaches abound and I will say there is some merit to those. However I think there is just as much connection to the Stone Roses, Charlatans, and even Ride. It's hard to hear Quiet Place without thinking of Vapour Trail. But the electronic sound is there in songs like Troubled Son, Dead Fingers Talking and Innocence.

I really like this album, but if there is a flaw it is that is almost too far reaching. To go from chemical brothers/Fluke style electronica to Madchester/Shoegaze and back again is a difficult tightrope to walk while making an album sound cohesive.

Check out their my space page if you want to download the Rocket EP. Based on the two new songs on this it sounds like as they have gone from a studio project to a live band their sound has changed to more of the madchester sound from the electronic one.

Monday, November 13, 2006

German singers and Sherry

Opened the mailbox after work on Friday and I was in luck. One of two packages I have been expecting had arrived-the latest Barbara Morgenstern album "Grass is Always Greener." I had thought I might have to wait until this week due to Veteran's day but I was in luck. As with all her albums, it's great. Much more upbeat than "fjorden" or "nichts muss," but that seemed obvious from the single "The Operator." One surprising aspect of it was that it had less of a focus on electronic backdrops to her songs and more focus other instrumentation especially piano. This may be due to her producing it without the aid of Stephen Betke or Thomas Fehlmann, especially "fjorden" which had the unmistakable POLE sound.

definitely a good purchase and worth checking out if you like techno pop. Now all I need is for the Datarock album to finally show up.

My other big pursuit this weekend was for a good glass or bottle of sherry. I tried at Fugaise when L and I stopped in for a cheese plate and some creme brulee, but alas no Sherry. Though I did have a fabulous dessert wine from the cognac area that was very reminiscent of the nutty, caramel flavor of the sweeter sherries. Went to the liquor store in pursuit as well only to realize that I didn't know enough to be able to purchase from the wide assortment they carried. This was good though as I was able to do a little reading the "The Wine Bible" and learned that I most likely am looking for an Amontillado or Oloroso.

I will attempt to put this knowledge to good use this week when I go to pick up some Beaujolais Nouveau for Thanksgiving dinner, which I find to be a great Thanksgiving option because it is seasonal, lighter, and fruitier. I find it to be a good match with dinner and to go over better with the relatives that tend to be tentative about their wines.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Ahhh Election Day....the end to all the political ads at every commercial break.

what an odd time to restart a blog I haven't had time to update for almost a year. especially when politics will only play a slight role in it.

I hope everyone got out and voted today though. And more importantly, I hope you all voted your conscience/beliefs and not for a party to win. The biggest problem as I see it in the US is the stranglehold the two major parties have on our country. Now don't think that third parties will automatically solve all our problems, but you have to admit that some new perspectives can't hurt.

I am not advocating change just for the sake of change mind you, but I think it's important to vote for the person you think is the best candidate not the person with the best chance for winning

Happy voting


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