Tuesday, June 30, 2009

what we gonna do here is go back

I've been promising/threatening to upload my old dj mixtape collection since I found a box of them in my mom's basement a few months ago.

I never seemed to find the time though, but once I found two more boxes of them this weekend, I knew that I absolutely had to upload them.

so with that in mind, the first two in what is looking to be a very long series have been uploaded and are ready to go. They are both tapes that were favorites of mine so the quality obviously is not the best in parts, but overall they don't sound too bad considering

to make it easier I am just loading them to a folder instead of linking to each individual file (hopefully this works out) - mixtape archive

DJ Earth - Volume 3
An early minneapolis DJ, this was one of, if not the first mixtape I ever bought. I was always fascinated by this mix becasue at the timeI didn't know what to make of the music. most of the DJs I was hearing were playing hardcore, techno, or more striaght up house and to me this sounded completely different. the first few minutes of side one are a little rough sound quality-wise but then it gets better.

Kikoman - Live at GR
Kikoman is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I can't remember when exactly I picked this up (late 90s is as close as I can get), or why I did. I know it was labeled as tech-house and I think I saw his name on a detroit/michigan party flyer with Richie Hawtin, so I gave it a chance and always loved it. never got a chance to see him play, but turned a lot of people on to this mix.

so that's it for now. my goal is to upload 2-3 a month, so check back.

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