Thursday, December 28, 2006

dysfunction junction

Just for sake of full disclosure I thought that I shoudl mention that I am probably a Henry Rollins fanatic owning pretty much everyhting he has released music, spoken word, and books. Have watched a number of his films just because he was in them. So everytime I get an email newsletter that mentions something new I immediately order it and thus received the new spoken word DVD and book "A Dull Roar" a little over a week before Christmas.

Well I just finished A Dull Roar and kind of have some mixed feelings. As opposed to Roomanitarian and some other recent books, this one goes back to the journal format and is about the recent Rollins Band tour and the events leading up to it. Now typically his journal books have all been my favorites, beginning with "Smile, You're Traveling," and of course "Get in the Van."

ADR just has a different feel though. It's feels more self-conscious, maybe because he planned to release these jouirnals from the beginning as opposed to how the others feel. Though I can't remember if he planned to publish "Broken Summers," his journal for the making of and touring for the West Memphis Three album, from the beginning. ADR also is a little more reminiscent of his earlier writings in which he appears a little more damaged as a person. IT seems as if the past few years where he seemed to becoming a little more comfortable with who he was and his relations with other human beings have taken a setback and he has gone back in time a little.

I don't mean to sound as if I didn't like the book though because I still like it and I know that I will go back to it like I have done with all his books, but if you are unfamiliar with his writings I probably wouldn't suggets beginning here.

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