Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year's resolutions and such

well I am a little late with this but thought I would finally get around to looking ahead to the coming year and my goals for it.

Biking - I initially wanted to increase my yearly miles to 2000, but with all that I will have going on this year with full time school and my little internship/volunteer opp that I am involved in I think I will need to work to achieve my total from '07. So my goal this year is 1500 miles.

School - I am now enrolled in the UofM and hope t be admitted to Carlson for Fall semester to pursue my marketing degree. This will be a huge focus in the next couple of months as I acclimate to a new school and submit my application to transfer into the school that has been my focus for the past 2 years. It should be fairly intense as I am planning on going to summer school the next two years for practically non-stop school so that I can graduate by the end of '09

Nature Valley Grand Prix - The volunteer opp I mentioned above is helping with the marketing of the NVGP, so I hope to be successful and not make a fool of myself. Nothing is set in stone but I believe I know what I will be doing and it should be pretty fun and exciting so more to come.

Beyond those 3 things I just want to make sure I save some time to be with my family and hopefully travel a little (cross my fingers, I am hoping to be in DC for my birthday and the CSC invitational).

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