Monday, July 14, 2008

been a long lonely time

so apparently business students need to be told that creativity is important in developing new products/services in businesses.

My professor emphasized this for about 15 minutes of a little over an hour lecture. I kind of thought this would b self-explanatory but might be explained by his other comments on creativity.

He told the class that creative people don't always fit into company culture and may for example say things that are inappropriate in business settings or may dress differently. This is ok because they are creative.

This is why I am not getting a degree through the business school.


haven't checked in with riding mileage for a couple weeks, but I have been too busy to get much riding in. If I was commuting so much it would be fairly pathetic actually (the wind last weekend didn't help much either).

I am almost halfway to my goal for the year however, so that's not too shabby.

W/E 7/6 - 51
W/E 7/13 - 57
Season to Date - 706
Miles to Goal - 794

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