Monday, July 21, 2008

Wasting my time

Hey, I got a great idea.

When you provide me content for a group blog you are contributing to, don't send me the same exact post you put out on your personal blog the same exact day.

I spent the better part of an hour finessing a really rough piece only to find it already posted for the world to see.

thanks. appreciate you.


apparently I am very mechanically uninclined, because last sunday Liane got a flat on her fixie and I thought I had patched it-problem solved.

fast forward to Friday night and her tire seemed a little low, but I just pumped it up and off we were to run some errands and grab some coffee.

2 miles in tire is flat-again. Apparently the glueless patch didn't stick completely down and was bubbled up from the air, so I ripped it off and tried another one which proceeded to do the same thing and we had to rack the bikes on the bus to get home.



haven't posted any biking info for 2 weeks so here's a quick recap

w/e 7/20 84 miles
last week 111 miles (first 100+ week this year and I can feel it)

total miles - 900
miles to goal - 600


in other biking news, I was glad to see Sastre beat Evans in the TdF. It definitely showcased how much of a team sport cycling is.

interestingly for all those haters that were mad at the ASO, what do you have to say about Gusev getting sacked?

imagine if the ASO had relented and allowed Astana in, only to have that happen? they probably would have had the whole team kicked out and banned for life.

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