Monday, October 13, 2008

I'll gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today

I have a major exam to study for in Spanish and a big project to finish up for Wednesday in my info studies class, so what am I doing?

writing in the blog I haven't touched for a month.



we've been getting the NY Times Sunday edition for a few weeks now and I came across an interesting article as I was finishing my coffee today (there is absolutely no way to finish reading it on a Sunday-or even make a dent in it in my case).

It was about a new challenge to gay marriage. people were arguing that since gay couples can't procreate they shouldn't be able to marry. The main couple they interviewed tried to say this had absolutely nothing to do with religion, but the funny thing was they were an infertile couple.

so my question for them is, should you have to be able to prove fertility to be able to get married then? because there is no difference in their inability to conceive and a gay couple's inability to conceive.



The wife bought the new oasis album this weekend.

I have decided there are 2 requirements for every Oasis album.

1. there must be at minimum one line that directly references a Beatles song or lyric

2. there must be at least one song that is a direct rip-off of a Beatles song.

that is my review. 2/5


In biking news, I hit my season mileage goal this weekend with an awesome ride along the river road. leaves were at peak and the temps were great.

too bad I dressed for slightly cooler temps and was roasting by the end.

Season total - 1504

wondering if I can get another couple hundred miles in before the weather kicks me off the streets.


In other biking news, shouts to Phillipe Gilbert for winning Paris-Tours this weekend and schooling the sprinters who thought they were going to get their chance.

One last big road race this weekend and then I will have to focus on Cyclocross to get my fix.

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