Saturday, December 06, 2008

paying to watch commercials or the 2008 BTAAs

Went to the 2008 British Television Advertising Awards Friday night at the Walker.

As usual they were entertaining. Lots of laughs and many of the PSAs were just devastating and powerful.

It is interesting to me to watch these ads with slightly more critical eye than I have in the past due to being immersed in school work. I feel like I experience them in an entirely different way.

Since we were there the first night we were treated to an introduction by Peter Biggs and he talked about changing media and how we are now getting our content in so many ways that weren't available just a few years ago--cell phones, online, video billboards etc. With this in mind, they have started to include ads that are not specifically television ads which included online ads of course but also an intriguing ad campaign from digital billboards as well.

I did think it would be fun to share what I thought were the best and the worst of the BTAA winners and so without further ado I present my top five favorite ads. I chose these because I think they are creative as well as communicating a strong message about the brand:

Glennfiddich "Every Year Counts"

Florence & Fred for Tesco "Revenge"

VW Genuine Spare Parts "Cuckoo"

Volkswagen Golf "Night Drive"

Big Yellow Storage "Tide"

Now on to those ads that didn't do it in my opinion. Most of these are visually/creatively stunning but the message and brand seems to be an after thought:

Audi A5 "Lines"

VW Golf "The Great Pretender"

Heineken "Jamaica"

Sony Walkman "Music Pieces"

Skoda Fabia "Cake"

And finally I know most of you might not agree with me, but this year's winning advert, while I enjoy it immensely, doesn't have any connection to the brand at all. I dare anyone to make a connection. IMHO this was only made to go viral, but how many people remember what this is advertising?

Cadbury Dairy Milk "Gorilla"

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