Saturday, April 18, 2009

technologize yourself

I wanted to check out the new live Hold Steady album yesterday and went to the itunes store and came across a full live concert from The Hold Steady at Lollapalooza in 2006.

All the press surrounding A Positive Rage seems to treat it as their first live album, which would be fine if they hadn't released the 2006 concert on itunes.

This got me thinking about what constitutes an album in the music world today. When is it part of a discography or able to be played on the radio?

at this point, once an album is available legitimately to the public, it should be considered a release like anything that is available on CD in your favorite record store.

this may seem like a small, minor gripe of no significance, but I think it says a lot about the music and radio industries and technology. if an artist has a million friends on myspace why not treat the music like any other new release.

for 2 industries that are trying to remain relevant, it sure seems like they are just giving up sometimes.


btw in case you were wondering, the 2006 live Hold Steady is pretty good but Craig Finn's voice sounds pretty rough and scratchy.


on another note, despite being out of print on CD, it turns out that the Lifter Puller albums Fiestas + Fiascos and Soft Rock are available digitally on amazon (F+F on itunes as well).

appreciate the notice that these are sort of re-issued

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