Sunday, January 21, 2007

cycling goals for 07

I received an awesome cycling training diary for Christmas and it has a place to write down your goals so you can refer to them throughout the year (it's a 52 week diary but since I am a sissy about riding in the cold I will probably only use it for about 8-9 months).

I logged a little over 700 miles last year on my mountain bike and if everything works out I will be getting a road bike this year (06 or 07 Roubaix), so I am hoping to log even more.

Given all this I figured that throwing my goals on here as well as recapping my diary might be an even better way of making me fulfill my goals. So without further ado here they. There may some updates as I think of them but this seems like a good start:

Long range:

Medium range:
- Century Ride
- MS150
- Join Birchwood Cycling team

Short term (this year):
- Purchase road bike
- 1000 miles logged on my bike
- 60 mile charity ride
- Ride public Birchwood rides once a month May-Sept

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