Monday, January 29, 2007

radio without the radio

L & I went to see Electric Arc Radio this weekend and it was a ton of fun. Think radio show without the radio, or as they said "dirtier than Keillor"

For those that don't know Electric Arc is a combination of the Lit 6 Project and Creative Electric Studios. I could take the time to try and describe them but I think the strib article probably will do a better job than I could. Unfortunately the strib takes articles down after three weeks so none of the links I checked work. So try this instead.

I will be checking out a couple more shows coming up here on St. Patrick's Day and one in April, and I would recommend getting tickets now if you are at all interested as they will sell out.

Also going on Superbowl Sunday is Lit 6 Story Stage, open mic at the 331 in Northeast. I think I will be checking this out as well as friend and all around bearded gentlemen Brian should be showing up to tell us some fabulous tales. Should be a good time.

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