Monday, November 12, 2007

Season wrap-up?

Some might consider it laziness, while others-like my wife-might consider it common sense, but given the weather I have not been out riding in the past week and unfortunately it looks like I won't be getting on my bike unless it is attached to my trainer for the foreseeable future.

Given that it is getting dark at like 5 now, weeknight riding seems to be out, and the yardwork needed to get ready for winter kept me off the bike this past weekend, I should probably just accept it and give in.

I am hoping for some decent temps (45+ because I am a sissy) to hold out into next weekend however to maybe get one last weekend ride in. Otherwise it looks like I am stuck sprinting along to my Giro and spring classics DVDs in the spare bedroom. Probably fine for me, but Liane says that I make the room smell like sweat and that I should move the trainer downstairs into the unfinished basement.

Well I suppose this is the joy that is living in MN.

Maybe I can luck out and get my dream job in CA after school. Heck if I am dreaming, how about a nice marketing position in Italy or Spain?

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