Saturday, March 28, 2009

things we lost in the digital transformation

We moved a filing cabinet from one room to another and I spent the morning going through old paperwork figuring out what we needed to keep and what could be shredded or recyled.

as we approached newer dates, there were fewer and fewer pieces of paper because we went to online billing at more places.  This started me thinking of all the things that we are going to miss with the conversion to a digital world that we are in the midst of.

going through this kind of stuff (especially if you have stuff as out of date as we did),  you are reminded of old addresses, old hangouts, old friends, and on and on. once all of this stuff is digital we won't have this.

sure in theory you could pull up your account history and find some of this or have some sort of random slide show but it just isn't the same.

it's not like I'm some sort of anti-technology crazy, but once everything is upload, tagged, and searchable our world will be a different place, and I think that there is something kind of sad about that.

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