Monday, March 09, 2009

they get paid for this? comcast edition

missed a couple of anon comments but here is my response...

fairplay anon 1 & 2. once I posted this I noticed the URL on TV as well, but in little bitty tiny type that is next to impossible to see unless you are looking for it. also why would you have a version on the website that is different from your tv spot in that small of a way. seems like a waste of money to create two versions that differ only by the URL being on screen.


we were discussing the new comcast ad campaign in my psychology of advertising class today and noticed a huge miss that I can't believe neither the agency or client noticed.

If you haven't seen the ads yet they put real people in to a habbo-like virtual environment and they speak-sing about the benefits of integrating tv/internet/phone with comcast.

I find them annoying personally and I think they miss the mobility boat but I think they do a number of things well:
  • they touch on benefits that you should look for and that comcast provides
  • they show a variety people with different needs benefiting from the product
  • they make it seem like it is easy to get these benefits
However if you watch the end of the commercial you may notice something missing (have you noticed it?)

what's missing is may not be obvious unless you realize that this is a fully integrated campaign with a dedicated website, but the URL is never shown.

also the commercials have the tagline dream big but that has nothing to do with the website name.  If you search the googles for "dream big" a paid ad shows up on the right, bit the comcast town website doesn't even make the front page.

I know I am still in school for this stuff, but this just seems like junior league mistakes here for such a big client and campaign.


  1. The spot on YouTube is pulled from the website. It doesn't have the URL tag because YOUR ON THE WEBSITE. The spots aired on TV do show the URL. I've seen it every time. In regards to the Google stuff, I've searched on "dream big" and the Comcast Town ad does appear. I've typed and get to the website. is apparently owned and operated by somebody else, and maybe wasn't worth the selling/asking price. I believe the agency/agencies know what they're doing. Stay in school. You still need the education.

    You can see the tag in this version taken from a TV.