Wednesday, May 23, 2007

car trouble

Why are so many car drivers aggro when it comes to bikes?

I noticed this last year when I started to ride a lot more but this year with all the miles I am logging in multiple situations it has become even clearer.

A great example is Tuesday. I went for a short ride and in it I approached a street that intersected a highway. The light was red and is was on a hill so I started to brake to stop. all of the sudden a car is on my left trying to get ahead of me and get in the turn lane when they only have 4-5 car lengths prior to the intersection. They ended up having to slow down and change lanes behind me.

While the driver was sitting at the red light (did I mention it was a no turn on red) he tried chewing me out for being in the road. WTF?

I follow all the rules of the road for bikes when I am riding, especially when I am on my road bike on long rides, so I am not sure why it is such an issue for some people.

I sometimes get the feeling that drivers feels they just "should" be passing bikers. This occurs typically when I am riding at a pretty fast clip like 25-30 mph in a 25 or 30 mph zone. It's almost like I have offended them by going almost as fast as them.

Maybe it's just the hold that car culture has on our society so that it pisses people when you "upset the balance".

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