Sunday, May 27, 2007

Last week on the bike

Considering the weather some years this has been a pretty good memorial day weekend. Too bad the forecast on Saturday was so off. L & I had considered going on the TCBC all club ride but were scarred off by the weather report and ended up cleaning the garage instead.

Sunday we rode the Gateway Trail from Flicek park to the end and back. About 30 miles so not too bad. That was my best ride of the week due to the insane wind that we have been having. Maybe I just haven't noticed it before, but it seems like it has been a really windy spring.

Interestingly I didn't pull the MTB out at all this week, not even to commute since I had Friday off.

Unfortunately this week's forecast is not very promising rainwise but we'll see. Hoping to get out and do another 30 mile ride next weekend and the Cannon Valley Trail the following weekend.

Total for the week: 56
Total for the season: 369

P.S. don't forget the Nature Valley Grand Prix coming up in June. I will definitely be there for the minneapolis stage (unless there is another monsoon) and I think L & I will be going to the Stillwater Criterium as well.

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