Sunday, May 06, 2007

Last week on the bike

Well after the great weather and many miles of last week, I was reminded why spring in MN sucks.

Due to bad weather on Monday I didn't commute to school, so I decided to go a little longer than my usual Tuesday ride. Just 15 miles but I know that by logging more miles midweek it will allow me to go even longer on the weekend.

Thursday I bailed on my ride as L had been out of town on business and was back that night, but I did commute on Friday despite the forecast for strong showers. I only had to ride on the wet rodes and catch a little mist, but I was reminded that inclement weather brings out the prick in so many drivers on the rode. It is almost as if they are offended by someone biking in bad weather.

Saturday I woke up to cooler temps, wind, and some nasty looking clouds. L wanted to wait until the temps warmed up a little due to the wind before we went out, so we didn't try to go out until 12:30ish. Unfortunately as I checked the radar just prior to our ride, I could tell it was about to rain, so we decided to just do a short 6-7 mile ride with a little climb in it. As we were cresting the climb about 4.5 miles in it started to rain pretty good so we took the short way home and got in just before it absolutely poured. I spent more time drying off the bikes and lubing the chain than I did riding.

Sunday wasn't any better with wind gusting up to 30+ mph, so I just cut my losses and wrote my philosophy final. Better luck next week.

Weekly Total - 20 Road/16 Commuter
Season Total - 201

just to give an idea of how much more riding this is for me this year, I only rode 700 mils all of last year.

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