Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can this passport be revoked?

So in yet another example of the controlling interests in cycling—not the riders or the sponsors mind you—dictating what they want to happen and how it should happen, we now get the blood passport.

Though it may sound like something out of Nightwatch or Moonlight, it is infact the new WADA plan to try to stamp out doping in cycling.

Now I will grant you I haven't dug into this enough to know if they have already answered my questions but I feel like there is a lack of safeguards for the riders and the incredible amount of bureaucracy this could create could create chaos.

How does rider prove they are innocent? Do they have the ability to retroactively challenge the original blood tests to the levels were not accurately captured? How long would this process take? And how advanced is our science in this realm or does WADA already have some of these parameters in place?

Another question I have is in regards to the effects of an entire season of training and riding on the body’s natural chemistry. Do we know what the effects of all this is on hormone and blood levels? Is it possible that some of these naturally might alter themselves?

If they really want to do something how about getting rid of all the exemptions that half the peloton has. I’m sorry but if you have asthma and it makes it hard to ride that is your own damn fault and you may not be able to race at the elite level. I don’t have the physiology to climb mountains all day long for days on end so should I be able to get a therapeutic exemption for steroids so I can compete with the pros in the peloton?

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