Monday, October 08, 2007

Last week on the bike

Last week was definitely a better week for riding than the previous week.

I was able to get out 3 days, which was good becasue I was sure that it woudl be 2 due to weekend commitments and weather forecast.

Tuesdays I just went out and rodethe Cemetary hill and around to the new diagonal trail for a quick half hour jaunt. I had a ton of homework so I figured that was good enough at least. Irritatingly the city has decided to due some sort of construction work next to the trail so there was a big patch of 3' thick mud that I had to ride through. NOT FUN!!

Thursday was a pretty nice day to ride and I was able to get out over the stone arch and along the lrt then back via the greenway and UoM.

Despite the heat on Staurday I was bummed to have plans which precluded me from getting out at all on the bike, so I went out pretty early on Sunday for a 10 mile ride down past the U and up the hill by the Weisman.

Then I rode another 15 miles round trip to brunch with the crew so Sunday turned into a pretty good riding day overall.

Week Total - 31
Season Total - 1398

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