Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Last week on the bike

Last week sucked for biking. Now I don't mind riding in cold and windy conditions, but I am just not down with riding in the rain. Consequently I got out one single night for only 25 minutes and 6 miles-total suck.

This week isn't looking any better I have to say.

I did bust out the Kinetic trainer we picked up this summer but since I don't have a trainer tire or just a crap tire to switch with, I didn't want to ride it more than half an hour. I did make it to REI to order a trainer tire so I will be all set in a couple weeks.

In other crap news, the single speed is currently out of commission due to the cheap ass tire they came with shredding on the inside and losing the bead. Not good.

I did pick up a couple of replacements but have not had the time to actually put them on so that has been frustrating as well.

Week Total - 6
Season Total - 1367

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