Sunday, April 27, 2008

Maybe I just don't have it....whatever it is

This "spring" and I use that term very loosely has been miserable for biking.

I have the colder weather gear and all, but riding when it's below 35 degrees just isn't that fun. It might be easier if I had some strong reason like training for a ride, racing, losing weight, etc. but at this point I just don't have that strong of a reason.

Of course this week the real issue has been rain and snow yesterday, but hopefully we will turn the corner sometime in the next few weeks.

I tried to go out for a short ride today around 4 and a half mile from my house it decided to start snowing just enough to make my sunglasses impossible to see through and make the road wet. I cut the ride short and when I swung back onto Stinson I not only had snow but wind in my face as well. No fun.

Weekly Total - 37
Season Total - 114
Miles to Goal - 1386

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