Friday, April 04, 2008

Such a little thing, but the difference it made......

So today was the first day I actually got the bike out on the pavement this year (I suck this because I am almost a month behind last year), and it was just the short 4 mile dash through rush hour to get to work and then home this afternoon.

What is amazing to me is that despite a couple little bumps as well as the climb up Lincoln on the way home, I wasn't even winded on my ride. Last year the first couple of rides I fet and new I was fairly out of shape, but today I was spinning along almost too fast for the gear on my commuter bike.

The only thing I can point to that I did differently this winter was riding the trainer. I wasn't even very consistent until February but apparently it was enough to put me on the road with a little bit of fitness. I guess I will be testing this tomorrow morning when I take the road bike out for the first time and tackle cemetery hill.

For anyone who has read this in the past you know that Tornado Tom has been my guy for the past couple of seasons, but I have to say that Phillipe Gilbert is my new rider crush. Training to some old videos of the spring classics this winter he is all over them and then you get to this season and he has been incredible.

I think the reason I like him so much is that he just picks a point and goes for it. Whether he has riders to go with him or if he has to go solo like Het Volk it doesn't matter. Sure he gets caught most of the time but I love the devil may care attitude. It's just great to see a rider who doesn't seem like he is so controlled by the DS. Francaise Des Jeux may just have to be my underdog team to root for this year.

Here is some Het Volk action, check out the attack about 3 minutes in

And just for the hell of it here is some Milan-San Remo action with Cancellera schooling everybody after 300km and taking the easy win

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