Sunday, April 06, 2008

weekend recap

I took the road bike out for a spin Sat morning for the first time this year. Nothing fancy, just my early season/no time route down Johnson back on Stinson and then up cemetery hill and around to the new bike path (A little over 8 miles with a good hill).

It felt really good and I kept up a nice avg speed so I am definitely sure I am ready for a 15-20 mile effort next weekend unless I can find the time this week.

On Sat I was also able to try out some of the new gear I picked up over the winter and I was well pleased. The Craft thermal windstopper jacket I knew was good from Friday, but it really vented well as I started to get sweaty.

The other big plus was my Pearl Izumi Gavia gloves. Very warm but still easy to grip the handlebars and shift. And the little grip pads made sure I didn't drop my water bottle when I unexpectedly hit a pothole while drinking.

After spending the day running errands and finishing the final retakes for the music video I am in, Liane and I went to the Artcrank opening at One on One. Holy Cow!! It was seriously packed with tons of people spilling out onto the front sidewalk and out the back. The line to buy prints was from the bike counter to the coffee counter. It was nice to see so many people out for (and buying) local art. Liane and I each picked up a print. Mine was by Sean Turbridy and Liane's was by Amy Rice.

The weekly recap:
Weekly total - 15.2
Season Total - 15.2
Miles to Goal - 1484.8

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