Monday, May 19, 2008

art. yard work. Rascal. NVGP

another year, another Art-A-Whirl over.

Actually made it out a little bit this year......ok so just in the Northrop King where Liane's studio is but at least I made it out this year.

Crowds seemed ok. Fairly busy Friday and a little slow sat but busy by the end. Liane sold a couple paintings so not bad for her.


I thought that with the good weather finally that I would be out riding a ton but yardwork got in the way instead (and the wind on Sunday morning). I love having a house but taking care of the garden and the yard can definitely take the wind out of your sails some days.

In the end it was probably good that I didn't get a chance to ride Saturday, since I rode so much during the week to school and work. Sunday was windy when I went out but I think I was just worn out because I haven't ridden that many days in a week since last Aug/sept time frame.

Hopefully the weather stays nice so I can make up for some of the riding that I missed in mar/apr as well as some of the riding I am sure to miss in June due to the NVGP.

Weekly Total - 74
Season Total - 268
Miles to Goal - 1232


speaking of the commuting I did last week......after aaw Fri, I went to the Triple Rock to see Dizzee Rascal and EL-P.

got there in time to see Busdriver, who I was excited, to see but he just wasn't my thing.

Rascal on the other hand was an awesome show. I couldn't believe how many people knew all his stuff and he worked the crowd really well. I missed him the first time he came to MPLS with the Streets, so I am really glad I didn't miss him again.

Unfortunately I was to tired stay for more than the first 4 songs from El-P but what I caught was pretty wicked.


speaking of the NVGP, it is getting closer and the work for it is picking up.

I spent my free time over the weekend getting content uploaded to the new website which will hopefully launch this week.

my other task is helping to manage the TRIA Your Cycling blog so I am trying to wrap my head around all that is needed for that today.

as for race day(s), if all works out, then I will hopefully be giving live updates via twitter or through the blogs. will depend on access to wi-fi and probably more work than I think it will be (which is a lot) but it should be pretty wicked if all goes well.

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