Friday, May 16, 2008

A little bit of this...a little bit of that

Heard a rumor today that I hope is wrong. Word is Twin Six may not continue producing jerseys as the t-shirt market is more lucrative. It doesn’t make sense to me as their jerseys have gotten props all over the joint, so hopefully my source is mistaken.


World Cycling is having their annual(?) Warehouse sale this weekend.

I went to check it out yesterday and walked away much poorer. Got an ’07 FdJ jersey (dorky to wear a team jersey? Maybe, but at least I didn’t buy the matching bibs), a Selle San Marco saddle to replace the awful one on my single speed, and a couple of DVDs for only $10 each (Giro and Flanders ‘05).

Lots of cold weather gear and a good amount of stuff for the ladies as well


Soul Jazz is releasing an awesome dubstep comp next week called Steppa’s Delight.

It is HIGHLY RECCOMENDED for anyone as it has so many big choons.

Kode 9 – 9 Samurai
Plastician Feat Skepta — Intensive Snare
Uncle Sam — Around The World Girls (Tes La Rok Mix)
Shackleton — Blood On My Hands
Joker — Gullybrook Lane (Instrumental)
And many others

The only bummer is that the vinyl editions do not include the Joker tune which is just a crime as that song is just sick.

Really all his productions are just insane, and it is just the way it is that many of the top producers tunes are exclusives and may never see the light of day for us normal consumers, like benny page, seven, and most of the skream and benga productions.


Speaking of dubstep I just have to say that Youngsta has to be the best dubstep DJ hands down. I save his Rinse FM podcasts until I have listened to everything else because they are always just incredible

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