Monday, May 05, 2008

going up around the bend

well I think that after yet another week of crappy march-like weather in April/May we might have finally turned the corner.

Saturday ended up being a pretty great day and Sunday was better. the only down part of the weekend was not getting out on the road bike Saturday. I did make it out Sunday morning for a short ride though. I only had about an hour so I went here:

The rest of the weekend included getting ready to have Jennifer and Monte over for dinner Sat evening, so lots of cleaning and errands to pick up supplies.

We got a couple of awesome desserts from Bellaria Bakery. a dark chocolate mousse torte and a petite chocolate cream cake (kind of like a really fancy hoho). both were fabulous. I also picked up a key lime tart for teh next day and I was less enthused about that. The key lime filling was right on but it was in a regular pastry tart crust vs. a graham cracker crust.

For dinner we made simple quesadillas for apps and our entree was Chicken in Escabeche with onions, carrots, and roasted poblano peppers. We also made a great side dish of Braised Fennel with a Guajillo Chile dressing.

During our errand running we stopped at the Fetus so I could pick up the new Nick Cave which is awesome. I have never been a big Nick Cave fan, liking a few songs here and there, but the new album is great from beginning to end.

Weekly Total - 30
Season Total - 144
Miles to Goal - 1356

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