Monday, May 26, 2008

chillin' and grillin'

planned a little birthday/holiday bbg at our place Sun in honor of stewtron's recent and my upcoming birth celebration. For a bit I thought we were all going to have to hide in our basement, but aside from a 5 minute little shower we had pretty good weather.

Follow-up up our food fest by going to the NE bulldog and everyone else ordered more food!! We finally were able to grab the shuffleboard table (the first time in about 8 visits) and after 3/4 of 1 game had some pricks on our jocks trying to get in on the action (keep in mind I have seen guys run the table for hours before). Dudes need to chill out. I decided I didn't need to be stressed out at my party so I bailed at 11.


The new Bike fest website is finally live


thought I would get out on the bike Saturday but too many errands and prep for the party but I did get out with Liane for a short easy ride Sunday morning.

kind of though that with the lack of school I might get out a little more as well but only found the time on Tuesday. guess we'll see what happens this week.

Weekly Total - 23
Season Total - 344
Miles to Goal - 1179


side note: I got my first pair of bib shorts as an early b-day present and took them out for a spin today and was completely sold on the awesomeness compared to regular shorts. The ones I got were on the low-middle end and the chamois is super comfortable and the construction seems solid. The only issue that I've seen is that the leg grippers are so strong they kind of pull on leg hair if you try and adjust them like I did before the ride (I just don't think I can do the leg shaving thing)

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