Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy weekend so far

It's been a busy weekend so far though Sunday looks to be a study day for me.

Friday L & I went to an art opening at Cliche, a clothing boutique she likes. The art wasn't my thing, but L found a great new top and another handbag to add to her collection. After that we went to the Walker to check out the film Urban Explorers. If you are not familiar with urban explorers, they are people who explore abandoned buildings, caves, sewer systems, etc. The film focused on a group from around the twin cities, but also traveled to Chicago, Florida, Scotland, and Paris. One of my favorite parts was in Florida with this warehouse in the everglades where NASA abandoned the remains of the largest rocket engine ever created. It was pretty incredible stuff and I would highly recommend checking out the movie if it comes your way.

Saturday we checked out the latest Electric Arc Radio show and like the one in January it was a tone of fun. I thought Brady was on fire this time and with Walker Kong as the musical guests its hard to go wrong (is it just me or does Ackerman kind of have a Elvis Costello thing going on?). Following that met up with pals Brian and Sarah for a tasty dinner at Tum Rup Thai. This was my first time eating here and I can say it is highly recommended.

Sunday so far has been about meeting up with Heidi for some brunch at the Modern and hopefully taking it easy the rest of the day.

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