Monday, June 04, 2007

Last week on the bike

I'm a little late with this but I guess better late than never.

Last week was an ok week if you could avoid the rain and actually get out on the road. I did get out on the road Monday after riding the gateway on Sunday. The first few miles were hell but then I got warmed up and it felt great. Definitely getting me along the way to be able to do a multi-day ride of some sort (MS150, WOW, etc).

I took Friday off for my birthday and got out but traffic on the roads was obnoxious. I thought it might be better than my usual after-work rides but it just as bad.

Otherwise nothing exciting to report. With summer session starting up, I think my miles are going to be seriously impaired. Will need to figure out how to get more on the weekday rides than I am currently getting plus add on to the weekend as well.

Until next week.

Week Total - 49
Season Total - 418

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