Sunday, June 17, 2007

Last week on the bike

There's only one word to describe this past week - HOT

despite the heat however I did manage to get out and log quite a few miles. Thursday I rode the FSH route in 85+ temps and still rode my fastest time yet - 38 min. Not bad considering that my previous best was 40:15 and the heat. Saturday was the Cemetary HIll Route in 25" which was also my fastest yet.

Sunday L & I rode the cannon valley trail which is a great trail but 40 miles in 90 degree heat was probably not the best idea. I bonked on the return ride but luckily had an extra power bar which helped.

I also started tracking my heart rate on pseudo-TT routes. Thu was 160 over 11.25 miles and Sat was 153 over 8 miles.

Weekly Total - 64
Season Total - 551

P.S. I received the velonews Tour De France guide last week. They seem to think Levi is the top contender, but I am leaning towards Vino, though I am less sure after his recent performance. If I had to pick a dark horse I think I would go with Frank Schleck but it doesn't sound like CSC is committed to a GC contender over stage wins, so who knows.

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