Monday, September 24, 2007

Last week on the bike

Last week looked like it might be another mediocre week with very few miles but despite only 3 outings on the road bike, I ended up racking up a pretty good number.

Wednesday I snuck out between work and schoolwork for a 14 mile ride trying to find a new route that avoids the UoM area as much as possible. I found a decent route by going over the stone arch and along the light rail to the greenway and taking that to the river and then home. It offers a lot of options for distance so it might have to do until they rebuild the bridge and I can go the length of the river road again.

Didn't get out again until Saturday when Liane & I tried out a slightly longer version of my Wed ride. no big hills so it met with her approval, though we did throw in the hill by the Weisman as a spur of the moment addition.

Sunday was my big day though. I took off on my on around 9 and went along Victory to Theo Wirth, connected to the greenway and took that to the river, followed the river to Ford pkwy and around back to NE via the UoM for a total of 40 miles almost on the nose. I was pretty psyched that I was able to keep a 17 mph average for the whole ride as well.

Weekly Total - 70
Season Total - 1361

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