Monday, September 03, 2007

Last week on the bike - late edition

a little late here; this time not due to laziness, but out-of-towness.

went up to the in-law's cabin in Ely Thursday through Sunday and got in a couple of good rides up there.

Friday Liane & I rode out of Ely and around Shagawa Lake for a nice 15 mile loop with a few rollers in the mix.

Saturday we did an out and back from Ely to Babbitt that was about 31 miles and fairly rolling as well. Perhaps the worst part about it though was the headwind out that was just hard enough that you couldn't really coast down the hills once you climbed them. on the plus side however the way back was a breeze and we rode the route 15 minutes faster for a grand total of almost exactly 2 hours.

otherwise I only got in a short ride up the cemetery hill route at home earlier in the week due to school beginning and other commitments.

I'll be hitting 1000 miles on my road bike alone this week and it looks like I should have no problem hitting 1500 for the year.

week total - 52
Season total - 1204

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