Sunday, September 09, 2007

Last week on the bike

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. on the one hand it isn't too hot and not too cold yet (though it has been a might chilly in the AM) so it is good biking weather. On the other hand it is fall allergy season and this one is a doozy.

This leaves me with a tough decision. stay home and avoid allergies somewhat or go out and the combination of riding and the ever present wind kick my allergies into overdrive. I have been trying to strike a balance somewhat and take days off when my allergies get really bad or the wind has really stirred things up.

Last week I got out on mon and tuesday for just short rides do to the allergies and avoided riding all together on Wed and Thu because they were so bad. Friday I toughed it out and checked out the newly paved "diagonal trail" in MPLS. IT is a short connection route that parallels New Brighton Blvd from Stinson and dumps you out on Walnut with a short ride into Roseville business district.

Sunday was the big day because Liane & I rode the St. Paul Classic. This was my third year and we rode the 30 mile loop for the 2nd time (last year we cut it short due to the rain). As always it is a mix of fun and irritation.

Fun because it is a 30 mile ride with virtually no traffic to even think about and you are surrounded by thousands of of cyclists.

Irritation because many of these cyclists seem to only get out on their bikes for this one ride (seriously about a dozen people I passed had the little sticker you attach to your handlebars from last year still on their bikes) and thus do not have great bike etiquette (or any bike etiquette). lots of people riding all the way to the left or 4 abreast at 10 mph, kids weaving along, etc.

Still in the end it is great to see so many on their bikes and the route is great with a couple of nice hills and lots of flat.

I had a little unwanted excitement about 20 miles in however.

All of the sudden my front wheel skipped and kicked to the right and down I went in a heap. Next thing I knew I was on the ground under my bike with a big rip in my full length tights. no one ran into me however and I was able to rinse off the road rash and after a quick bike check was back on the road. I have never hit the decks while riding before so I was a little tentative for the rest of the ride but I figure after 1000 miles once slight crash isn't too bad.

Miles will probably be light until I can put arm and leg warmers over the road rash, but by next weekend I will be back up to normal.

Weekly Total - 54
Season Total - 1258

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