Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tour of Missouri stage 4

Well I can't say that I was surprised by the way that yesterday's stage shook out.

It was obvious taht Disco wasn't going to let any of the GC contenders slip away and you could guess that Saunier-Duval would like to get a stage win.

Disco did their part and put up enough of a chase to keep the break close but not enough to cause problems for the race organizers.

I was surprised that the break couldn't stay away. My money was on Health-Net to take the stage with both Louder and Hesjedal in the break. It was not to be however and in the end Pagliarini was the man.

I think the big question is whether Rollin can push Canada off the podium with only a second separating them.

General Classification
1. George Hincapie (USA), Discovery, 13:30:26
2. William Frischkorn (USA), Slipstream, 1:40
3. David Canada (Sp), Prodir, 2:22
4. Dominique Rollin (CAN), KodakGallery, 2:23
5. Michael Friedman (USA), Slipstream, 2:48
6. Frank Pipp (USA), Health Net, 2:57
7. Valeriy Kobzarenko (Ukr), Navigators, 3:04
8. Andrew Randell (CAN), Symmetrics, 3:48
9. Stefan Parinussa (G), Sparkasse, 4:20
10. Matthew Rice (Aus), Jelly Belly, 6:21

In other bummer news, Velonews reported in their coverage of the Vuelta today that Navigators Insurance (as well as Kodak) will be pulling out of cycling which is a major blow to US cycling.

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