Friday, February 09, 2007

Fair and Balanced right?

Apparently Fox News is going to be starting a business news channel that will be challenging CNBC and Rupert Murdoch has vowed “that the new channel would be friendlier to corporations.

In case you don't want to log in to read it hear are a couple of the more choice quotes from the article (emphasis mine):

At a media conference in New York yesterday, Mr.
Murdoch said the Fox Business Channel would be “more business friendly than
CNBC,” which he said was quick to “leap on every scandal,” according to a report
on his remarks by, whose parent, McGraw-Hill, sponsored the


In a separate interview, Mr. Ailes elaborated. “Many times
I’ve seen things on CNBC where they are not as friendly to corporations and
profits as they should be

He added: “We don’t get up every morning thinking business is

The quick strikes by Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Ailes at their
largest competitor suggest that the News Corporation will use the same
take-no-prisoners tactics in the business area that Fox News Channel used in
going after its biggest rival, CNN.

Great so now we get another channel that manipulates the news gathering and reporting to fit their own agenda? Fabulous.

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