Friday, February 09, 2007

Can't we all just get along

so I have to wonder if critics are just overgrown children.

apparently it looks like there is a spat between the long standing Pazz & Jop poll in the Village Voice and the upstart Idolator Jackin' Pop poll.

In his essay "Living With War" Robert Harvilla takes a couple of swipes at the Idolator guys and Michaelangelo Matos notes that critics were told they could not participate in both polls in his essay for the Idolator poll.

Now I will be the first to note that the Jackin' Pop poll is almost a note for note copy of the Pazz & Jop, but seriously......does the Village Voice really need to worry?

All in all though not a surprising list, Bob Dylan, TVOTR, "Crazy".......a lot of similarities between the two lists really, but come on Paris Hilton making the Pazz & Jop?

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