Friday, February 23, 2007

ToC - Time Trial

dang Jason Mccartney has put in an amazing ride and is currently the virtual yellow with only a few riders left on the course.

Jens Voigt is also putting in a great ride as well as Levi who had the fastest split so far, but can he keep it up.

We should know soon.

Unofficially Levi has grabbed the fastest time by several seconds over Jens Voigt with Jason McCartney in third. That is also the unofficial GC top three. It looks like CSC and Disco are hogging the top ten and I will post the final standings as they are available

Update 2 (8:45pm):
Well here is the GC top ten

1. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Discovery Channel, 18:21:52
2. Jens Voigt (G), CSC, at 0:21
3. Jason McCartney (USA), Discovery Channel, at 0:54
4. Bobby Julich (USA), CSC, at 1:06
5. Stuart O'Grady (Aus), CSC, at 1:20
6. Christian Vande Velde (USA), CSC, at 1:24
7. Michael Rogers (Aus), T-Mobile, at 1:34
8. Ben Day (Aus), Navigators, at 1:38
9. Franco Pellizotti (I), Liquigas, at 1:41
10. Ryder Hesjedal (Can), Health Net -Maxxis, at 1:57

Since the systems were down at work I got to watch teh flash video feed via the tourtracker on the official TOur sight which was awesome. For someone without cable it was nice to finally get to watch some cycling other than 1 leg of an ironman. I have to say that Leviu looked amamzing out there. He seemed very relaxed and just powerful and it showed in his time by winning the stage by 18 seconds. Incredible

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