Monday, August 06, 2007

Last week on the bike

well I might as well not have ridden at all last week given the minuscule amount of miles that I logged, but at least I have good reason being on vacation and all.

Monday I was busy and both Tues and Wed were too hot with temps over 90 during the time I had available (thank goodness I didn't ride Wed as I had been planning to ride the River Road).

So the only ride I got it was Sunday evening after getting back into town. Liane & I rode the NE Cemetery Hill+ loop for 8 miles. Not a lot but enough to stretch my legs after being on a plane.

My goal is to log 250 miles for the rest of August and now that my new bike is ready to roll but doesn't have a computer, I won't be logging commuter miles only road miles so it will be a little more challenging.

Week Total - 8
Season Total - 943

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