Sunday, August 12, 2007

Last week on the bike

Well my goal was to hit 100 miles for the week and while I didn't hit it, I came damn close.

If you count the days I commuted, whether to work or for errands, I rode every day this week. Since the new single-speed doesn't have a computer on it I won't be tracking the mileage I log on it, so my mileage will be strictly on the road bike.

I did make a couple of attempts at new routes this week to make up for the old west river road route I was riding with regularity before the bridge collapse. So far what I've come up with is going directly to the U riding the east river road to either Marshall or ford pkwy and then coming back on the other side crossing back at Franklin. Not too bad but I had to go down by the Weisman to get a hill climb in.

Thursday I rode the Googly Moogly through TCBC and it was a blast. I ended up rolling out with the fast group and it was rough for the first few miles until I warmed up a bit. Once I did however, I couldn't believe how I was able to keep up. We were rolling down the transitway towards St. Paul at 24 mph and a kind of semi-pro paceline going on. Though we slowed down a bit going through the residential areas by Lake Como, the overall ride was by far the fastest I have gone for the distance which was 24 miles (avg was 17+ usually at any distance over 20 mph I am lucky to get up to 16 mph). I guess I am ready for the A/B rides after all.

Sunday Liane & I rode the gateway trail from the Ramsey county court bldg on White bear ave which was a good time. nice to log a decent amount of miles while taking it pretty easy, though it seems no matter how hard we try our rides end up at about 15.2 mph avg speed. Hopefully we can get enough miles in to make the Snooze Button Metric TCBC ride pretty easy on the 26th.

Weekly Total - 88
Season Total - 1031

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