Sunday, August 19, 2007

a perfect storm - last week on the bike

After last week I thought that I was well on my way to my goal. Not necessarily the 100 mile a week but at least being at 1200 miles by month end, however I was not counting on the perfect combination of family being in town and rain all weekend long. Now it looks like it might be raining the better part of the week, which might put me a full week behind.

I was able to get out both monday and tuesday which were a little miserable due to wind but not too bad.

Saturday I woke up early, looked at the weather, and figured that if I didn't ride early I wouldn't ride at all so I had a quick bite to eat and just rode the quick little Cemetary Hill in TT mode and was about a block from home when it started to rain. From that point on it rained pretty much all weekend so that was it for me.

It sounds like I wasn't the only one affected by the rain however as the National Criterium Championships and the warm-up races for them in Downer's Grove were also beset by rain. Congrats to Kirk O'Bee(Health Net-Maxxis) on taking the stars and stripes jersey in the Pro Crit Championship Sunday despite coming in second. Lucky for him the overall winner was Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast Martin Gilbert a Canadian and thus not eligible for the jersey. I hope the stars and stripes jersey will make an appearance in this neck of the woods in the next year in the Nature Valley GP.

I did discover the showroom for World Cycling Production on Saturday though so that was a plus. I was able to get a nice Castelli thermal long sleeve jersey for half price so I am set for the fall now with 2 jerseys. I would definitely reccomend checking them out as all last season merch is up to 50% off and current merch is 10% off. With that in mind I also picked up "A Sunday in Hell" the awesome documentary of the 1976 Paris-Roubaix classic.

Week Total - 41
Season Total - 1072

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