Tuesday, August 14, 2007

of detours and men

In irritating news for those of you in nordeast and probably other locals around town, the wonderful city of MPLS is seal coating streets right now. For those that haven't already groaned at the sight of those words, this now means that potentially some of your favorite streets for riding/commuting/whatever are now coated with a fun layer of gravel.

In my hood, Johnson is coated from 18th to probably 37th, St.Anthony parkway between Stinson and New Brighton Blvd was done the other day, and who knows what else I discover as I try to avoid the mess.

In other better news, the Cedar lake commuter trail doesn't detour over by the walker anymore. They have laid some fresh asphalt that kicks you out right on the corner by Lee's, so at least that stupid detour through the city vehicle refueling station is over.

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