Thursday, August 23, 2007

People suck

the star tribune is reporting that a woman was raped in the hallway of an apartment building in St. Paul and despite several people witnessing it only one person attempted to intervene while no one else even called the cops.

investigators talked to one resident in the apartment building who said that a woman had knocked on his door in the middle of the night yelling "call the police!" The man said he didn't open the door or look out. He said he called police, but police said there is no record of that call.

The affidavit also said the building manager gave officers videotape from a surveillance camera in the hall that shows Ibrahim standing over the victim, removing his pants and getting on top of her. Several people are seen in the hall but no one intervenes

seriously people what the fuck.

I think that anyone who witnessed this and didn't do anything should be charged in this crime as well. How could you not get involved in something like this.

About 6 years ago I was walking in downtown and heard a couple arguing. Soon enough the man started to viciously beat the woman. I immediately yelled at him to stop, started calling 911 on my phone, and started going over to them to stop it. Not that hard to do.

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