Friday, April 27, 2007

Good things come in threes

Monday was a good day as my latest orders from Amazon finally showed up in the mail. Unfortunately for me I had class so I did not get a chance to listen to anything until the next day, but for the most part everything was worth the wait.

And what did I buy you're asking? Well I'm glad you asked:

First up is the Mitchell Brothers - a breath of fresh attire
for anyone not familiar and I am guessing that is pretty much anyone reading this, the Mitchell Brothers are on the Beats, the label started by Mike Skinner of the Streets, and is produced by him as well. They came to my attention recently when I was checking out the downloads available from the Streets' website where they grace a remix of Blinded by the Lights that is absolutely massive. Anyone familiar with Mike Skinner's production style knows exactly what to expect from the music on this one, down to the obligatory slow jam in the vain of Dry Your Eyes, It's Too Late, Nite Nite for Kano, etc. Don't get me wrong cause I am a sucker for these tunes (I have a playlist of just these numbers on my iPod). The album also features a number of guests vocalists like Beats alum Streets and Leo the Lion along with Sway and Kano (where is his new album???). All in all a solid album but not great as the Mitchell Brothers flow doesn't always work with the stilted beats that are de rigeur of a Streets production. Word is they are pretty solid live though and a new album should be dropping soon so be on the look out.

Next up is Vex'd - Degenerate
killer album from one of the more original dubstep producers on the scene. 2 disc in all-one is the album and the other is a collection of previously released singles. Opener Pop Pop VIP is all sharp crackly drums and wobbly, distorted bass somewhat reminiscent of the old DJ Zinc breaks tune s in the two-step days. This formula continues throughout the album but doesn't get old because they keep the atmosphere fresh and original with tunes that wouldn't sound out of place in an Adam Freeland set. As a matter of fact the only criticism I could level this album is that it is a bit more of a breaks feel than a dubstep feel. But as soon as you start feeling that way they drop the digital dub madness of Crusher Dub and of course the highlight in my mind has to be the incredible Lion VIP, which lulls you in with a basic drum groove before absolutely crushing you with a massive bassline. This is one for the dubstep and the breaks crowd.

and Finally Dubstep Allstars Vol 3 mixed by Kode 9 w/ Spaceape
As for this mix cd, it is absolutely MASSIVE!!!!!! Living in MPLS, I don't have access to any DJs representing Dubstep so this to me is great cause it is all the tunes that I have heard on various streams throughout the year. Most of the tracks are dubs as of the CD being mixed and they represent the best producers in the scene-Skream, Loefah, Plasticman, Burial, the list goes on and on. Add to that the MCing of Spaceape and you have an incredible combination. Highly reccomended and a great starting point if you need one.

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