Sunday, April 15, 2007

Last week on the bike

Finally...after 2 weeks of awful weather and basically no time on the bike, we have spring again in Minnesota.

I was lazy on Tues so I didn't get out and then it snowed that night into Wed and I had plans on both Thu and Fri so no riding then. Saturday however, I had a chance to go. I had to wait until around noon, but that let the temp get over 40 so I was happy about that.

I decided to ride the river road up the hill at Franklin Street and then circle back past the U. I usually use this route as an early training route and it typically takes few rides to become comfortable but not this year. The ride felt great and the climb while not easy went very smooth. I am not sure if it is due to riding the stationary bike all winter or he Roubaix (probably a little of both), but I am psyched that I am a little ahead of my training this year. I am already past my total for all of April last year and fully expect to be riding 4-5 days a week from now on.
Today I took out the MTB and went to brunch with some friends. The ride into town was pretty lazy but got a couple of good hills in and every little bit helps right?

Miles this week 19.6
Total for the season 55

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