Sunday, April 22, 2007

Last week on the bike

This week was a good week for biking and I was able to log a decent amount of miles.

I was only able to get out on the road bike 2 days, but Saturday I rode the FSH route and added cemetery hill at the end which was rough but not too bad. I do think that I need to stop drinking a bottle of wine every Friday night if I plan on long rides Saturday mornings, but all in all the miles are starting to feel good.

Beginning this week I also started commuting to work via bike on Fridays and I plan on keeping it up unless there is rain in the morning until Fall. I also rode to class on Monday and went to brunch and ran some errands today before getting caught in the rain today.

This week I hope to start increasing the mid-week rides, but it all comes down to weather and homework.

Weekly Total 20 road/27 commuter
Season Total 102

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