Sunday, April 01, 2007

Last week on the bike

Typical Minnesota spring weather. Last weekend it's 80 degrees and then come Monday it's 50 and rainy.

Needless to say, not a lot of biking going on this week. Tuesday I got home ahead of the rain and thought I might have time for a short ride so I got suited up and was just about to leave and it started to poor. I rode the stationary bike instead but it's just not the same (I should really save up for a trainer but that will have to wait until the end of the season). It also rained on Friday and Saturday so no biking for me.

I was able to get out on Thursday for a short ride that kicked my ass after a long day at work and also a short short ride today. Short due to the 40 degree temps when I was riding.

Total miles on the road 11.5
Total for the year 35

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