Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Well this just f-in sucks!

Vino has tested positive for blood doping after his TT stage win.

Apparently the entire Astana team has withdrawn from the tour following the news.

Of all the people to test positive it had to be him, and after winning 2 out the last 3 stages in the tour.

I know that he has always seemed to care more about himself than his teammates, but this goes well beyond any of that because now it affects the entire peloton. When added to the accusations about Rasmussen the media is only going to be talking about this for the rest of this tour.

There has been a ton of exciting moments and now it all boils down to doping.
He better not be signed by another team ever again and I hope that he is never allowed to compete at a professional level again.

Update: The more I think about it, I fell that in the future any team that has a rider test positive should be immediately barred from the remainder of the competition they are in. Maybe that would drive the fight against doping a little more via peer pressure.

The one positive thing I have to say though is that he cheated and he was caught. This is the point of the controls. Plenty of track and field athletes have been caught for doping and yet you don't here the same things about those sports.

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