Sunday, July 22, 2007

Last week on the bike

Got a fair amount of riding in this past week. Adding in my commuting days I rode Tues and Thu-Sun.

Tuesday I got a nice ride with two good hills to switch things up a little.

Thu we went to the velodrome which doesn't have anything to do with riding itself other than inspiring me to, not necessarily race but definitely increase the intensity of my riding. It was also great to see Sarah race and hang with Brian during the event.

The unfortunate thing last week was my aborted attempt to go on a TCBC group ride Sat. We showed up and was ready to unload both L & My bike and she informed me she had forgotten her shoes at home. OY. We went home and rode from NE to the cedar lake-greenway and back. A nice 30 mile route but not the ride I was hoping for.

This week I think I will try and go on the Googly Moogly TCBC ride Thursday, so hopefully the forecast is a little off as it is looking to be hot. Also this is the last week of class, so I should start going over 100 miles per week soon.

Weekly Total - 77
Season Total - 862

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