Saturday, July 07, 2007

If something can go wrong...

So I have been thinking of trying out some group rides for a while as I kind of feel plateaued in my biking as well as wanting to learn some new rides.

With some prodding from a friend (thanks sara) I decided this weekend was it and I wasn't going to put it off any longer. So I went on the Sonny Side Up ride through TCBC today. I figured it was only 25 miles and a "B" ride which is the level I have been riding alone, so perfect.

Well the group splintered immediately with some faster riders just taking off and I missed that bus but I was definitely faster than the B pace so i settled in with some people that seemed to be going my pace and everything was fine. I kind of lost people when we climbed Franklin St hill on the river road, but I am so used to that hill by now it doesn't even faze me. Eventually another rider caught up and we were having a good conversation when I heard a hiss coming from my back tire.

yep wouldn't you know it, my first group ride and I punctured halfway through. Luckily the guy I was with stayed to help out as I didn't realize how inept I was at changing a flat (patch didn't want to stick, co2 cartridge didn't fire, etc.).

so I had to bail out as the trip home was closer than the finish.


hopefully my next attempt goes a little better

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